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Rhino Connect

Welcome to Rhino Connect, where our dedication to wildlife conservation goes beyond just a mission – it's our passion.

At the forefront of our efforts are rhinos, our primary focus and inspiration. But our commitment doesn't end there; we extend our protective embrace to a variety of endangered species. We engage in modern conservation practices, encompassing everything from K9 units and veterinary interventions to comprehensive wildlife management. Our work is a tapestry of innovative strategies and collaborations within the private sector, all aimed at preserving these magnificent creatures and their habitats. Join us in making a lasting impact on the future of wildlife conservation.


Rhino Connect's Ongoing Successes

  • Support for Rhino Conservancies:
    Maintained robust support for rhino owners and conservancies, ensuring round-the-clock safety for our rhinos.

  • Air and Security Support:
    Consistently provided monthly helicopter and security assistance, strengthening our protection initiatives.

  • Milk Fund for Rhino Orphans:
    Successfully delivered essential milk to rhino orphans across South African orphanages, supporting their growth and well-being.

  • #Rhinomoon Project Expansion:
    Broadened our #Rhinomoon Project to all provinces, enhancing conservation awareness across South Africa.

  • Enhanced Protection with K9 Units:
    Effectively integrated K9 units into our conservation strategy, significantly bolstering our anti-poaching efforts.

  • Veterinary Student Program Integration: Seamlessly incorporated veterinary student trips into our conservation efforts, fostering practical education and field experience.

> 275 Horn Trimmings Assisted

8 X Supporting the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Rhino Calves

> 60 Renostermane/ Rhinomoons

40 Private Rhino Owners Assisted

9 Educational Programs



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