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Rhino Connect

United for Rhino Survival

Founded in 2016, by Tersia Jooste, Rhino Connect is an organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of rhinos. Our mission extends beyond preservation efforts; we actively engage in wildlife protection initiatives and strive to increase public awareness about the challenges facing these majestic creatures. By collaborating with local communities, dedicated conservationists, and wildlife professionals, Rhino Connect plays a crucial role in ensuring the survival and well-being of rhinos in their natural habitats.

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A Comprehensive Conservation Effort for Rhinos

Our approach to rhino conservation encompasses a wide array of impactful programs aimed at protecting and nurturing these majestic creatures within South Africa and beyond. We focus on vital conservation logistics, including horn trimmings, provision of medical drugs, air support, and the safe relocation of animals.

Our initiatives extend to supporting rhino orphanages through dedicated milk funds and addressing the needs of special care orphans. We also assist in mitigating food scarcity in drought-stricken areas by delivering essential feed like lucerne, wildlife pellets, and teff bales. In the field of veterinary care, our efforts cover emergency responses, horn-trimmings, relocations, and field assistance by vet students. 

Additionally, we engage with the youth through school projects that include bracelet making, sand-art, and environmental awareness programs. Our anti-poaching efforts are strengthened by collaborations with organizations such as Hope for Wildlife NPO and Wild Skies Aviation, which aid in both surveillance flights and medical procedures. We also facilitate community service hours for high school students, contributing to their educational curriculum.

How It All Began: Our Humble Beginning

Rhino Connect, initiated by Tersia Jooste in 2016, was born out of a deep response to the dire challenges faced by rhinos in South Africa. Moved by the tragic situation of a private rhino owner whose animal was targeted in a poaching attempt, Tersia was compelled to take action. This pivotal moment led to the creation of a movement aimed at educating and involving the South African public in rhino conservation.


Our early efforts included collaborating with independent media and conservation groups to amplify the plight of rhinos. The journey started with supporting vital causes like caring for orphaned rhino calves and providing essential resources for their survival. As the organization grew, Rhino Connect began forming partnerships with like-minded individuals and non-profits, focusing on the welfare of rhinos over human interests.

With a mission that rapidly expanded to encompass multiple provinces and hundreds of rhinos, our work extended to educational outreach in schools and universities, raising awareness and fostering a culture of conservation. Through these initiatives, Rhino Connect has continued to pay it forward, supporting not just the majestic rhinos but also the communities and individuals dedicated to their protection.

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Tersia Jooste

Our Valued Partners and Sponsors

Our mission thrives on the strength of unity—thanks to a formidable alliance with our partners and sponsors, Rhino Connect forges ahead, amplifying our collective impact with every endeavor.

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